Gold Tone Introduces the new 1-Kup™ Karafe-Plus™ Single Serve Reusable Coffee Filter

 Karafe-Plus™ Single Serve Reusable Coffee Filter

The new 1-Kup™ Karafe-Plus™ single serve reusable coffee filter, was designed to brew one cup of coffee or up to a five cup carafe and gives you full access to all Keurig® 2.0 Technology Menu’s. The easy slide lever activates the K-Cup® or the K-Carafe™ menu for your preferred cup of coffee. Karafe-Plus is the only reusable filter on the market that accesses all 2.0 menu options.

The Karafe-Plus filter from GoldTone Products allows for customized brewing. The patent pending, removable stainless steel mesh filter lets you use coffee of your choice and brew to your preferred strength. GoldTone Products. We Make Great Things Better.

We value your opinions. Please take time to follow the link below to complete the survey. If you have questions regarding the use of your new Karafe-Plus reusable coffee filter, please call 954-975-8885.