Our History

Our parent company, Manufacturers Components, Inc., was founded in 1976 as a manufacturer of electronic components for IBM, Compaq and Motorola. The GoldTone™ Division was established in 1991 as the first private label reusable coffee filter manufacturer.

Since 1991, GoldTone™ reusable cone and basket coffee filters have been distributed as GoldTone™ branded and private label OEM products to our retail partners worldwide.

Our patented, reusable 1-Kup™ Filter was introduced to the market in 2012. GoldTone™ Products remain the largest manufacturer of reusable coffee filters in the world.

Why Choose GoldTone™ Reusable Coffee Filters?

A Better Cup of Coffee

  • Reusable stainless-steel, golden micro-mesh filter optimizes brewing infusion to enhance coffee flavor
  • GoldTone™ filter retains the coffee bean oils for flavor enhancement
  • Sized to fit all basket style coffeemakers; no over flow or mess
  • Precision crafted in the USA using surgical grade stainless steel woven mesh
  • Offers peace of mind; by protecting the environment; keeps more than 200 million paper coffee filters out of landfill sites each day

Environmentally Friendly

  • 136 million households brew 1.2 pots of coffee a day or 163 million pots daily
  • 35 million businesses brew 2.6 pots of coffee a day or 91 million pots daily
  • The coffee brewed yields over 200,000,000 paper coffee filters sent to US landfills each day (30 Acres of Forest)

GoldTone™ Solves Problems Caused by Paper Filters

No loss of fragrant oils, no loss of taste, and no residues sneaking into your coffee from the paper.

Our non-absorbent filter lets the flavor through unlike flavor robbing paper filters; for a better tasting cup of coffee.

GoldTone™ filters are sized to fit all coffee maker brands for universal use.

Reusable coffee filters save your customers money, allowing for additional retail purchases.

By choosing a Reusable Coffee Filter, you can help reduce landfill waste, save trees, and help the planet.

Our Retail Partners